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For PEB, there are different forms and types of bracing used.  Number of Braced Bays depends on building size, height, wind loads, seismic loads, etc.

Cross Bracings

It is the most common type of bracing.  Depending on design loads, an “X” between two rigid frames. Rod Bracings or Pipe Bracings are being used.

Portal Framed Bracings

It is an expensive solution but required if Cross Bracings are Obstacle for men and machine movements.  Portal bracing is a secondary rigid frame between two primary rigid frames in a bay. They are similar in construction to a rigid frame with two columns and a rafter.

Flange Braces / Purlin Stays

Flange Braces are required to counteract Compression, Shear, Torsion and Lift Forces.  They are Structural Angles connected between the Rafters & Purlins, Columns & Girts. Purlin Stay is standard for all Steel Buildings and prevents Rafters from moving under a Load.