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Ventilation Solutions

Roof Monitors

Roof Monitor is the raised portion of the main building, generally at the ridge. Ridge Monitors are manufactured by Sankalp from Cold-Formed sections and Hot Rolled I sections.

Roof Monitors are widely used for the buildings where more number of air changes required. It is considered to be the best ventilation solution for Steel Buildings.

roof monitor peb

Ridge Ventilators

Ridge Vents are manufactured with galvanized steel sheets. Based on air changes required, individual Ridge Ventilators in each Bay or continuous Ridge Ventilators throughout the length are selected. There is a range of ventilators in throat sizes from 300 to 600 mm complete with fixing accessories.

‘S’ Louvers & Industrial Louvers

Standard Louvers are made with overlapping type blades providing maximum airflow. Louvers are made from the same PPGL sheets using the chosen colors.

There are different types of louvers available e.g. ‘S’ Louvers, Industrial Louvers etc. They are installed with bird mesh and utmost care is taken while designing the same to avoid water penetration inside the building.

Turbo Ventilators

Turbo Ventilators driven by wind are used world over because of their Low Capital Costs, Easy Adaptability, High air displacement capacity per ventilator and Overall reliability.

Turbo Ventilators are procured under our stringent quality parameters. Polycarbonate base is provided for better strength.

Main Benefits of Turbo Ventilators are

  • Not Motor driven

  • Saves cost, as it needs only natural winds

  • Safe, as it does not require electricity

  • No Pollution, as it uses natural air

  • Easy to install on any type of roof

  • Light Weight